Spending quality time with a club fitter is one of the best ways to improve your game.

The added value of custom clubs is not found in our price

but in the performance!

Get Fit and lower your scores!


EVERY golfer, no matter their playing ability, can benefit from custom club fitting.  We are a certified club fitter for 10+ of the top manufacturers in golf.  Under the watchful eye of our award winning fitting staff, you will be able to compare and try clubs OUTDOORS, where seeing live ball flight is a crucial element in the club fitting process! Hitting into a net does not give you the ability to see the shot from start to finish.  Using our range to see, hear and experience the clubs performance is key!  We offer the most comprehensive outdoor experience that can not be matched in any indoor fitting facility.


Our club fitting process includes, but is not limited to, utilizing both a dynamic fit and ForeSight golf ball tracking information system.  These tools help us to perform analysis and verification, to determine your personal specifications for: shaft flex, shaft length, loft, lie and grip size.  Once the specific club head and specifications are determined, set make up is decided for your individual needs.  Orders are then placed to the manufacturer with your custom specifications. 

  To recap: you receive personalize service from our certified, award winning fitting staff; are able to try and compare all the top golf manufacturers clubs side by side on our OUTDOOR driving range; and guaranteed the best prices in the market with our "Price Match Guarantee".  With over 20 years of experience, we welcome you to see for yourself what custom clubs can do for YOUR game!

In order to provide you with the best fitting experience, an appointment is necessary. 


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