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FAQ Club Fitting

Q. What is club fitting?

     A. Club fitting is a process that matches your unique swing to a set of golf clubs.  These metrics include: determining the type of club that would work best for you and your skill level; what length the club should be; what type of shaft; weight of the shaft; the shaft flex; which loft and lie will produce crisper and more consistent shots and grip size. 

Q. I am a beginner/not good enough, why should I be worried about getting fit when I am so inconsistent?

     A. EVERY golfer can benefit from being fit.  Studies show that the higher your handicap the more improvement you see with the proper clubs in hand.  Buying "off the rack" without any guidance, can lead to greater inconsistencies that do not improve over time, even when taking lessons.  Getting fit with an expert in the field will help you improve faster and remain consistent.

Q. What happens during a fitting?

     A. We start by taking a look at your current clubs (if you have any), talking about your game/skill level and what it is your looking for in a club.  Based on that discussion and the watchful eye of our experts, you will be given various clubs from different manufacturers that are appropriate for your skill level to hit and compare outside on the driving range.  Being able to hit outside and see "live" ball flight is a critical element in the fitting process!  Once the club choice is made,  we will move into the final club fitting stage of determining length, lie, shaft, shaft flex and grip size.  Finally, deciding on a set make up is determined.  Example for iron fitting...what iron should I start and stop with?  Would hybrids be more beneficial for me in my longer irons?  Do I have any gaps that I need to fill in with wedges? The clubs are then ordered direct from the manufacturer  who will build your custom set of clubs for you. 

Q. How long before my custom clubs arrive?

       A. Turn around time is generally 7-10 business days.*  Due to supply chain issues and various other elements, current lead times can be longer than this.  All of this can be discussed and determined during your fitting.

Q.  How much does a club fitting cost?

      A. Club fittings are FREE with the purchase of clubs.  We would like you to consider it as a "Thank You" from us for your trust in our business.  Fees begin at $75 for those not purchasing from us, but prefer our fitting services.  

Q.  Do I need an appointment?

      A. Yes.  Because of the time and attention needed, it is always best to call ahead to make sure someone is available for a fitting.  Walk-ins are welcome if staffing is available.  

Q. Do custom clubs cost more than "off the rack" stock clubs?

     A. No. The term "custom clubs" often makes one think that it should cost more because it is custom made to their needs.  However, custom clubs do not cost any more money than if you purchased the set "off the rack" in our store.  We can fit for every set we sell.  The added value is not found in the price but in the performance!

* Custom charges may apply for an after market grip or shaft.

Q. Do you fit for putters?

     A. Yes.  We utilize both the Ping Putter Fitting system tools and Odyssey FITS.  Through the Odyssey FITS, we are able to measure 3 of the most important aspects of your stroke: face angle at impact, strike point, and putter face rotation.  Through a detailed analysis of your putting stroke and visualization of each putt, recommendations are made for the best Odyssey putter to fit your unique stroke.

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